Tree Permits apply and information. A typical street tree which grows between a home and a street.

Tree Permits

In accordance with Fremont Municipal Code, only Approved Contractors may perform maintenance on, remove, and/or replace street trees. A permit must be obtained prior to any work being completed.

These prerequisites are mandatory to be eligible for the 50/50 Street Tree Program, which can help property owners with some of the costs of tree work.

Find Approved Tree Contractors
Financial Help for tree and sidewalk work. Tree icons with a dollar sign,

Financial Help

Get help pruning and replacing street trees through the 50-50 Street Tree Program. Sidewalks damaged by street trees are also eligible for the 50-50 Sidewalk Program
Sidewalk Repair Options
A neighborhood in Fremont with a tree limb blocking the sidewalk.

Report Down Tree
If a tree is blocking the road or sidewalk please call 510-979-5700 or report it online.

Weekend and after hours call
510-790-6800, # 3, Police Non-Emergency

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Landmark Trees

Fremont is home to many historically significant trees. 
A topped tree versus a healthy tree, please do not top trees