Turf and Poplar Renovations

The Turf and Poplar Renovation project in Central Park involves renovating the poplar grove and existing turf surrounding the grove. The existing poplars were originally planting in an allée that framed Mission Peak. However, throughout the years, the poplars have begun to decline due to the heavy clay soils. A majority of the trees have been removed in recent years. In order to uphold the intent of the original design, the poplars will be replaced with 119 Bowhall Maples planted in more formal alignment, framing the Mission Peak views. The surfacing surrounding the trees shall be decomposed granite. Other features include renovating the lawn between the allée, and to the north and south of the allee; creating planting areas for drought tolerant ornamental grasses and shrubs; and site furnishings such as benches, picnic tables, and trash receptacles. This project is slated for construction in late Winter 2015. 
Turf and Poplar Plan