Construction & Demolition Debris

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Recycling Requirements

Fremont has recycling requirements for these CalGreen projects:
  • New residential buildings
  • Residential additions
  • New commercial buildings
  • Commercial improvements over $200,000
  • Commercial additions over 1000 square feet
  • All demolition

Removing Construction Waste Options

Paperwork Requirements

  1. summary
  2. Republic Services
  3. Self Haul

The applicant must submit a Waste Handling Plan and Environmental Services Acknowledgment Form* prior to beginning any construction. Samples on how to fill out the Waste Handling Plan and Environmental Services Acknowledgement Form* are found in the following tabs: Republic Services and Self Haul. 

Click on the Republic Services tab if they will be hired to haul material generated from your project. Click on the Self Haul tab if the contractor plans to self haul the material to an approved recycling facility. 

The Waste Handling Plan must:
  • provide an estimate of type of debris generated
  • list the names of the approved recycling facilities or vendors that will be used to meet the diversion requirement
  • indicate that 50% of the material will be recycled
  • be distributed to all subcontractors on the job
For detail on Design, Construction and Demolition or Operational Requirements download Fremont's Waste Handling Guidelines page.  

*The Environmental Services Acknowledgement Form replaces the Construction Debris Hauler Acknowledgement Form