Junior Programs

City of Fremont Fremont Tennis Academy (FTA) offers an affordable academy style lesson structure in a fun positive environment.  All classes are taught by certified  Professional Tennis Registry instructors. The FTA offers tennis lessons for ages 4-17 at four great locations in Fremont!
Red Ball 1
This is an introductory program for the young athlete. Fundamental ball skills, movement, and coordination exercises will be emphasized. (Ages 4-6)
Red Ball 2
This class focuses on the stroke production development incorporating rally and live ball play. Players will learn to rally with age appropriate balls and courts. (Ages 6-8)
Orange Ball
This class is for the young player looking to develop stroke production and match play in fun, active learning environment! (Ages 9-10)
Green Ball
This is an academy style program that focuses on stroke production and point play development in a fun, positive, energetic learning environment. This class will use green dot balls on a 78' court. (Ages 10-13)
Fremont Tennis Academy
This class focuses on technical and tactical development for competitive players. A typical session will include stroke development in live point play scenarios. (Ages 11-17)