Bridges to Behavioral Health for Chinese Youth and Families

Today’s youth faces pressure to succeed.

Parents want to raise confident, healthy and successful kids.  Sometimes the pressure to succeed can cause stress and result in kids experiencing anxiety and depression.

Supported by a Kaiser Community Foundation grant, the City of Fremont, Human Services Department, Youth and Family Services Division developed a parent education and support program that promotes awareness around the importance of mental health as it relates to social and emotional development.  The program increases access to essential services and resources for Chinese American youth and families. 

Youth and Family Services has developed strategies to increase public awareness and decrease stigma around accessing mental health services.  One of those strategies was to produce a public service announcement video which was supported by Chinese-American community leaders and volunteers. 

The public service announcement, released on February 5, 2015, encourages Chinese American parents to recognize emotional issues their children may be facing and to seek out peer and professional support. To view the public service announcement click on the link below.  For more information about the Bridges to Behavioral Health program or Fremont's Youth and Family Services, contact Annie Bailey, MS, MPA, (510) 574-2111. 

If you would like to make a donation to support Youth and Family Services' programs, click on the Make a Donation button.  We appreciate your support.

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