2019 Concrete Repair & Intersection Ramps Project

About the Project

A brand new curb and ramp in FremontThe project involves the reconstruction of damaged curbs, sidewalks, and driveway approaches. New curb ramps will also be installed at some street intersections.  Where necessary for the installation of new concrete, trees will either be root pruned or replaced.

Location & Priorities

The concrete repairs address 302 locations and include:

  • street segments where planned pavement maintenance work requires concrete repairs
  • locations where tree roots have damaged the asphalt pavement where there is bicycle traffic
  • downtown area locations with relatively high pedestrian activity
  • street segments where concrete damage is highly concentrated
  • individual citywide locations where damage is especially severe

The curb ramps installations include 324 ramps at 158 locations throughout the City.


Work on this project has been ongoing since 2019 and will continue into 2021.

Tree Replacement

The City has inspected all of the trees and sidewalks affected by the project. See a list of trees that are to be removed and replaced. An arborist will make the final decision on tree replacement during construction. Where possible, trees have been preserved rather than replaced.

Blacow Road Median Work

Trees, located on the narrow frontage medians on Blacow Road between Mowry Avenue and Robin/Omar Street, have become overgrown and have damaged the median curbs and nearby pavement surfaces.  The damages caused by these trees are very severe and extensive and have adversely affected homeowners, cyclists, and motorists along this roadway for years.  If nothing is done now, the blighted conditions are only expected to worsen.  This project includes the repair of the curbs and the leveling of the pavement surface.  A subsequent project scheduled for this summer will repave two of the frontage roads on Blacow Road. 

The tree removal work on Blacow Road is necessary to make City streets safer.  Tree care specialists have evaluated all affected trees to determine the most appropriate work for them.  In many cases, the repair work may be accomplished by cutting the roots of a tree instead of removing it entirely.  However, there are cases where a tree must be removed if root cutting would cause the tree to become unstable and create a risk for it to fall.  While the City is committed to preserving as many of the trees as possible, it must balance this important priority with the need to keep the public safe.  New trees will be replanted at select locations within the medians.  The species of trees selected are considered to be appropriate for an urban environment with the amount of space provided. 

Project Funding

This project is funded by gas taxes, Measure F, and Measures B and BB funds for local streets and roads.  Visit Alameda County Transportation Commission  (ACTC) and SB1 for more information about the voter-approved funds.


Contact Information

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