Working Wellness (CalWORKs Counseling)

CalWORKs participants in need of counseling services can call 510-574-2023. Ongoing clients will be offered Telecare services during the closure of city offices through April 7.

The Program
The CalWORKs counseling program assists CalWORKs recipients to find a job and become more self-sufficient while dealing with life’s obstacles. The Family Service Team, which combines the staff support of multiple organizations, works with CalWORKs recipients to successfully achieve their goals. Participating in this program is completely voluntary. For more information, contact the Family Service Team at (510) 574-2023 or your CalWORKS Employment Counselor. 

Services Provided
  • Comprehensive evaluation and service planning
  • Coordinated and simultaneous delivery of services.
  • Service Providers who will work with you and your family in a joint effort to achieve goals.
Eligibility for Services 
Participants must be CalWORKs recipient and reside in the Tri-City area.