Whether you... want to get into shape with a knowledgeable instructor... are working through an injury and want to stay active... want to learn something new... or you're in shape already and want to keep motivated or take it to the next level... We have a variety of Fitness & Health classes for you!


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High Intensity Bootcamp (Ages 18 & up)

These 45-minute classes taught by personal trainer Dan Huynh, of Plan for Fitness, are designed for maximum results for busy people! Each session will focus on body toning, strength training, core and cardiovascular conditioning. You'll learn proper form on fun equipment like medicine balls, kettlebels, battle ropes and more. You'll be sure to improve strength while building lean muscle for greater weight loss results. Bring an exercise mat, towel, and water. All levels welcome.

Metabolic Conditioning (Ages 18 & up)

This beginner level class introduces you to a basic practice of Yoga and its mind/body benefits. Guided by detailed instructions, you will learn foundational poses with proper forms for developing strength and flexibility. Each class starts with a deep breathing exercise and ends with relaxation to rejuvenate your mind and body. No experience required; just a desire to learn and participate. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring your own yoga mat and water. No class Nov-21-25; April 3-5; May 26.