Whether you... want to get into shape with a knowledgeable instructor... are working through an injury and want to stay active... want to learn something new... or you're in shape already and want to keep motivated or take it to the next level... We have a variety of Fitness & Health classes for you!


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Powerful Guided Meditations
Learn Powerful Guided Meditations for achieving optimum health, peace of mind, Chakra balancing, grounding and manifestation. Learn three different manifesting techniques, forgiveness, breath-work, balancing the Ki/Chi. Remove blockages based on fear from subconscious mind. Learn sound-based meditations, visualization meditations, and meditations on breath for deep energy work. Practice self-body scan, improve sleep, lose weight and increase self-esteem. Instructor: Smita Govil, Certified Reiki Master Teacher. For more information, call 510-791-4318.

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Reiki 1
Come and learn safe and easy holistic healing modality for balancing your ki/energy/chi to achieve optimum health on all levels - Emotional, Mental, and PhysicalReiki helps in reducing stress thus bringing peace of mind, improving sleep and increases our awareness on all levels. It helps relax, rejuvenate and restore. This class teaches Reiki l attunement/initiation, chakra balancing exercises, self healing with Reiki, history of Reiki and a detailed manual is provided. Smita Govil, Reiki Grand Master Teacher. For more information, call Sheri, 510-791-4318.