Youth & Family Services Counseling

Strengthening Family Relationships

Parenting is a rewarding and challenging job. Children can change dramatically as they grow, and frequently parents are left wondering how to handle situations and need someone to turn to for assistance.

The City of Fremont Human Services Department offers several different programs for parents, children, and teens that will help strengthen family relationships.

Services Available

Youth and Family Services has been helping Fremont families for more than 30 years by offering a variety of services:
  • Counseling for youth 18 and under and their families to help improve family relationships in times of stress of crisis.
  • Crisis intervention is available for Fremont and Newark youth and their families with issues of running away, truancy, and incorrigible behaviors.
  • School-site counseling is available at over twenty Fremont Unified School District school sites.
  • Counseling at the Fremont Police Department is available for Fremont youth involved with crisis or traumatic events, as well as for first-time juvenile offenders.
  • Counseling for youth on probation and their families.
  • Infant Toddler Program for families with children under 5 years of age.
  • Alcohol and drug early intervention services are available to support youth ages 12-18 and their families struggling the impact of substance use and abuse.
  • Parenting Support through workshops and classes.