Nursery Avenue Safety Improvement Project


Please be advised that Nursery Avenue will be closed starting Monday, October 12, 2020 through Monday, December 14, 2020 for construction improvements.  
Pedestrian access to all properties will be maintained during this period but may include detours. Please use caution while equipment and workmen are in the area.
Thank you for your time and patience during this process and we look forward to successfully completing the work in your neighborhood!

Quiet Zone at Nursery Avenue

Nursery Avenue quiet zone is a high priority project for Public Works.  The City recognizes the importance of the project to the quality of life in the Niles community, and we are committed to facilitating its timely delivery. 

Plans are being prepared for the construction of the enhanced safety project with a goal to establish a quiet zone when the project is complete. 

The “critical path” for getting the Nursery Avenue quiet zone approved requires a major safety upgrade to the Union Pacific Rail Road (UPRR) train detection system, the crossing gates, and the interconnected communications with the adjoining traffic signals at Niles/Nursery and Mission/Nursery (a Caltrans signal).  This is to ensure that traffic on Nursery is not backed up at the signals and across the tracks when a train is approaching, particularly if the train is operating in a quiet zone.  The need for this safety improvement was identified in a 2012 report based on guidance from the Federal Railroad Administration. 

Past City efforts to try and pursue a quiet zone now, with a commitment to building the advanced train detection system later, were rejected by UPRR.  In Fall 2015, the City Council added funding to the project to address the comprehensive set of requirements from UPRR, California Public Utilities Commission, and Caltrans. The project scope includes pavement rehabilitation, median islands, sidewalks on both sides of Nursery Avenue, upgrades to traffic signal communications at the railroad crossing (UPRR operated), the signal at Niles/Nursery (City operated), and the signal at Mission/Nursery (Caltrans operated). These improvements are necessary so that the City can pursue a project that was supported by UPRR.

Given the scope of work and more significantly, all the approvals and agreements needed from UPRR, CPUC, and Caltrans for funding, design, construction, operations and maintenance, we do not currently have a project completion date.

Key Milestone dates for the project are as follows: 

 Action Item  Date/Duration  Initiated By
Application to CPUC for Railroad Crossing Modification Completed February 2018 City of Fremont
Submit revised Notice of Intent Completed June 2017 City of Fremont
Approval of Preemption Timing
Completed June 2017 Caltrans
Completion of Construction Plans for Safety Project
including Approval of Plans by UPRR and Caltrans
Completed November 2017 City of Fremont
Caltrans Encroachment Permit Completed October 2017 Caltrans
CPUC Permit Approval Completed March 2018 CPUC
Nursery and Mission Signal Design by UPRR Completed UPRR
Construction & Maintenance Agreement between City and UPRR Completed November 19,2019 UPRR
    - City received Draft Agreement January 18, 2019  
    - City send comments on Agreement back to UPRR February 19, 2019  
    - City received agreement for execution September 19, 2019  
Council Authorization to execute the agreement October 15, 2019  
UPRR Signal Interconnect-Preemption Agreement with Caltrans May 27, 2020 Caltrans
Bid Opening for City Construction Contract June 16, 2020 City of Fremont
Award of City Construction Contract (assuming no bid protests)
 July 7, 2020 City of Fremont
City Project Construction Period (selected contractor will provide construction schedule) 10/9/2020-2/26/2021 City of Fremont
UPRR Project Construction Period 6/2020-10/31/2020 UPRR
Quiet Zone Community Education Process (1 month after project construction is complete) 3/2021 City of Fremont
Submit Notice of Establishment (1 month after Quite Zone Education process) 4/2021 City of Fremont
Establish Quiet Zone (1 month after Notice of Establishment is submitted) 5/2021 City of Fremont
Staying "on track" will require the ongoing support from UPRR, Caltrans and CPUC. 

If you have any questions/comments for UPRR. Please contact:

Francisco J. Castillo, Jr.
Sr. Director, Public Affairs
915 L St, Suite 1180 
Sacramento, CA 95814 
Phone: 916-789-5957

Contact Information
If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact:
Jeanne Suyeishi

Project Bid Set Plans