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The goal of Fremont Vision 
Zero 2020 is to significantly reduce fatalities and severe injuries by 2020.  The Vision Zero Action Plan is organized around the themes of Safer Streets, Safer People, and Safer Vehicles. 

The Vision Zero approach recognizes that human errors are inevitable and unpredictable, and accordingly, the transportation system should be designed to anticipate error so the consequence is not severe injury or death.

Fremont is already recognized as a leader in traffic safety among large cities in California and the nation. However, from 2013-2015, there were 21 fatalities and 84 severe injuries collisions from traffic accidents in Fremont.  We can and must continue to do better and improve as the only acceptable number is zero. 

Learn more about Vision Zero by watching our video, "Vision Zero 101," and check out all of our accomplishments from the first year of the Vision Zero 2020 program!

Safer Streets

The goal of the safer streets program is to re-engineer Fremont’s
transportation system to safely accommodate all travel modes, all ages,
and abilities, and to calm traffic speeds so that the consequence of traffic
crashes does not result in the loss of life. It is noted that all fatal traffic
crashes in 2015 occurred on Fremont streets with speed limits over 40
miles per hour.
Safety Priority Streets - 2014-2016 Collisions
Bike Buffer
Kids crossing the crosswalk

Safer People

Studies on traffic safety have concluded that over 90% of traffic crashes are the result of human errors and unsafe behaviors. This includes speeding, running red lights and stop signs, intoxicated traveling (driving, biking and walking), distraction and inattention. The Vision Zero actions related to safer people are focused on enhancing enforcement and education programs.

Safer Vehicles

Ultimately, the continued development of safer vehicles has the potential to virtually eliminate traffic crashes. Overall traffic fatalities in the US have declined since a peak of 54,600 in 1972 as a result of improved vehicle safety measures like seat belts, airbags, and anti-lock braking. Today, exciting new technologies are being developed that can help avoid traffic crashes through the use of sensors and automated vehicle controls for braking and steering. Conducting research on buying a new car, or would like to know what safety features your car currently has?  Check out this website on research into safety features on cars, or to look up safety features on your car's  brand. Accelerating the deployment of crash avoidance technologies in all vehicles is perhaps the way to achieve Vision Zero everywhere!

Watch the piece below featured in the New York Times highlighting Vision Zero 2020 and safety technology in vehicles.
car assembly line
Vision Zero action plan flyer
View the Fremont Vision Zero 2020 Status Report and Action Plan

​20 Projects in 20 Months

The City of Fremont is currently implementing the Vision Zero 2020 Action Plan with "20 Projects in 20 Months." Beginning in summer 2016 and for the next 20 months, 20 projects will be rolled out to improve the safety of Fremont streets, including building better bikeways, efforts to provide safer street crossings for pedestrians, calming traffic around neighborhoods, and retrofitting Fremont’s street lights to LED technology for improved nighttime visibility.  Visit the LED Streetlight Upgrade page for more information.

As part of “20 Projects in 20 Months,” the City has already completed green bike lane striping on Civic Center Drive and Walnut Avenue. Speed lumps were also installed across the city at high priority locations to slow down cut through traffic as part of the City's Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

20 Project

Look for Safety Program 

Walkers may have noticed new “Look for Safety” street markings at crosswalks to remind people to “look” before crossing the street. Teen volunteers from the City of Fremont Recreation Services Youth Service Corps painted these innovative street markings at busy intersections including Walnut Avenue and Paseo Padre Parkway, Paseo Padre Parkway and Baylis Street, across from Central Park, and Civic Center Drive and Walnut Avenue as well as additional locations throughout the city. 

Safety Videos​

Check out our new safety videos below!  This goal of these videos is to provide safety tips to Fremont residents and visitors on the rules for sharing the road.

​Bike Lanes

Check out our new videos about buffered bike and green bike lanes! Learn more about Fremont’s enhanced bike lane infrastructure as part of our Vision Zero 2020 initiative.

Pavement Markings - Yield Lines and Striped Medians

Shark’s teeth on Fremont streets? What do they look like, and how are these yield lines used? Watch our Pavement Markings video to learn more about yield lines and striped medians, and how to keep yourself and others around you safe.

Fremont’s Efforts to Address Traffic Congestion

The City of Fremont and many of our Bay Area partners have several transportation projects in the pipeline to help make traffic conditions more tolerable for the Fremont community and the region. View Fremont's efforts to address traffic congestion for more information.  


Thank you for visiting us at the Four Seasons of Senior Health Expo and the Kids 'n' Kites Festival.  We'll be posting more event dates soon!

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