Fremont Vision Zero 2020

Fremont is already recognized as a leader in traffic safety among large cities in California and the nation. However, from 2014-2016, there were 20 fatalities and 76 severe injuries collisions from traffic crashes in Fremont.  We can and must continue to do better and improve as the only acceptable number is zero. 

Vision Zero considers the loss of life from traffic crashes as unacceptable and preventable, and identifies safety as the highest priority for the design and operation of the transportation system.  The goal of Fremont Vision Zero 2020 is to significantly reduce fatalities and severe injuries by 2020. 

Fremont Vision Zero Action Plan

The Fremont City Council approved Vision Zero as its traffic safety policy in September 2015.  In March 2016, the Vision Zero 2020 Status Report and Action Plan was approved, making Fremont the 7th city in the U.S. to adopt a Vision Zero Action Plan.  
Fremont Vision Zero 2020 is guided by the rigorous evaluation of traffic crash data and the implementation of a comprehensive and coordinated action plan involving transportation engineers, law enforcement officials, educators, the automobile industry, policymakers, and the community.  The Vision Zero Action Plan is organized around the themes of Safer Streets, Safer People, and Safer Vehicles. Click on the links below for additional information on accomplishments and planned actions in these action areas.
Safer Streets
Safer People
Safer Vehicles

Latest Press

Fremont Recognized as a Leader for its Vision Zero 2020 Efforts

The City of Fremont’s Vision Zero Team was recognized by the Vision Zero Network, a national organization promoting efforts to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries across the country, for accomplishments with the Fremont Vision Zero 2020 Program. Public Works Director Hans Larsen was recently interviewed for a Q&A blog on how a medium-sized city can implement a successful Vision Zero program by collaborating across multiple City departments and prioritizing safety in decision making and resource allocation without a large budget. Hans was also the featured speaker in a webinar hosted by the Vision Zero network on how Fremont is a national model for other medium-sized cities looking to adopt Vision Zero.

In addition, the City of Fremont was recently invited to present on its Vision Zero program at the annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board.  Fremont was the only mid-size city invited to present as part of a panel that also featured San Francisco, New York, and Seattle.  View the presentation. 

Fremont’s Efforts to Address Traffic Congestion

The City of Fremont and many of our Bay Area partners have several transportation projects in the pipeline to help make traffic conditions more tolerable for the Fremont community and the region. View Fremont's efforts to address traffic congestion for more information.  


Fremont Vision Zero 2020 will be represented at the following upcoming community events
Earth Day - Saturday, April 21, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Washington Hospital  
Four Season Health Expo - Saturday, May 12, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. at Central Park/Lake Elizabeth
Kids and Kites Festival - Saturday, May 19 at Central Park/Lake Elizabeth

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