Academic Enrichment Classes

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We know LEARNING and FUN can be a great combination!
Anytime is a great time to improve skills, develop new interests or get ready for a big test!

Warm Springs After School Care and Homework Club
(Grades K-6th) Our enthusiastic and experienced staff provides students quality care and homework support. This unique program's low student/tutor ratio provides daily homework assistance, well-structured daily curriculum, nutritious snacks, and exciting fun activities at the Warm Springs Community Center. Free pick up from James Leitch Elementary School and Warm Springs Elementary School (including early release days).
** Note: There is no online registration for this program. For more information and to register, call Sheri at 510-791-4318.

SAT Preparation courses
Help your teen enter the testing room prepared. These classes offer your teen tips + practice + personalized feedback to get higher test scores on one of a student's most important exams. SAT - Critical Reading and Writing and SAT - Math (Ages 13 & up). For more information on SAT classes, call Katie at 510-494-4349.

Communication Academy classes
Weekly classes in the skills to make your child successful in and out of the classroom:  Chess!
Chess (Ages 5-13) teaches critical and abstract thinking, planning, logic and patience. This class is suited for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Each class will include 25 minutes of instruction and 25 minutes of tournament games. All supplies are provided. For more information, call Sheri, 510-791-4318.

Fremont Earthquake Walk
Over the last million years, the natural beauty of Fremont has been shaped by the Hayward Fault. In association with the USGS, Math Science Nucleus Instructors will be leading these 'ground breaking' tour exposing the science and beauty of the Hayward Fault. This fault is one of 10 active faults in the world actually creeping at 5 mm/year. The Fremont Earthquake Walk (Ages 8 & up) will take place at Central Park (Lake Elizabeth) and explores dramatic faulting effects in both natural and urban environments. Even view the floor of a building that reveals dramatic evidence of this fault activity. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.