Choosing a Tree

What is the purpose of your Tree? Shade, beauty, privacy?

Car under the shade of trees, Niles
Redbud blossoms against sky
Trees planted for privacy
Tree planted too close to a house

Right Tree Right Place

If you are planting in your yard you want to pick the right tree now to avoid problems in the future. 

Trees near Homes,


  • Is the tree near underground pipes or close to concrete?
  • How big is the tree full grown (it is hard to imagine it full size when it is small)  Do you wonder about how far it should be from your home? See Arbor Day's spacing guide for trees.
  • Is it a fast or slow growing tree?
  • Need advice? Ask an Approved Tree Contractor, and see resources below.


In most cases you need a permit to remove a tree in your front yard. A permit is always required to remove, prune or plant a tree near a sidewalk or street. This applies to residents, HOA's and businesses.

Street Trees

If you are planting a Street Tree (a tree between the sidewalk and street), the City will advise you on the best tree for the spot. The Permitting Department takes into account nearby concrete, utility lines, tree, root size and other factors.


Banner illustration courtesy of the Arbor Day Foundation.