Badminton Classes

Level Age Group Description
Introduction Level Zero 5-8 yrs Introduce your child to the fun and popular sport of badminton. This course is a foundation class where students will learn hand-eye coordination, form and basic shots.
Level One 8+ Join in the fun learning the fastest-growing sport around! This is for the beginning badminton player. Learn key shots, such as clears and serves, in addition to proper court movement. 
Level Two 8+ This is a faster paced course for the player who has already mastered serving and would like to take on new technique and instruction. Student will build on Level 1 fundamentals and refine skills to prepare for the challenge of Level 3. Instructor approval is required to advance from Level One.
Level Three 11+ Enjoy playing the game of badminton by learning how to play singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. You will be exposed to rules, strategy and advanced technique to improve your game. You must be able to rally with some consistency. Ideally, you have completed both Level One and Two classes, or have played for more than three months. Instructor approval needed to move from Level Two. 
Badminton for Adults 18+ This course is for adults who want to learn more about badminton and is designed for all levels. Ranging from anyone who wants to learn the basics to those who want to refine their skill, you will learn the fundamentals of badminton and build upon your experience.

All badminton classes are held at the Irvington Community Center. Register at RegeRec and bring your own badminton racquet.

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Drop In Schedules

2018 monthly schedules:
*Please note all hours are subject to change.