1. Animal Services

    Learn more about animal control, pet licensing, lost and found pets, and more.

  2. Building & Safety

    Browse information about building and safety requirements and codes as well as services designed to help citizens with their building and safety issues.

  3. City Attorney

    Learn about the duties of the chief legal counsel for the City.

  4. City Clerk

    Find out more about the office in charge of record keeping for the City.

  5. City Manager

    View information about the duties of the City Manager.

  6. Community Development

    Information on the services provided by the City of Fremont's Community Development Department

  7. Community Services

    Learn more about the department overseeing Environmental Services, Landscape Architecture, Recreation Services, and Park Maintenance.

  8. Economic Development

    View information on building business in the City of Fremont.

  9. Engineering

    Find out more information about engineering and real property in the City of Fremont.

  10. Environmental Services

    View information about the department in charge of recycling, garbage, and waste water programs in the City.

  11. Finance

    Learn more about the department in charge of maintaining the City budget and finances.

  12. Fire Department

    Browse information about the Fire and Emergency Medical services in Fremont.

  13. GIS

    Find out more about geographic, map, and addressing services in Fremont.

  1. Housing

    Read more about the department in charge of affordable housing.

  2. Human Resources

    Learn more about working for the City of Fremont.

  3. Human Services

    Browse information about services for children, youth, families, and senior citizens.

  4. Information Technology Services

    Learn about the City's technology initiatives.

  5. Landscape Architecture

    Learn more about park development and street median landscape projects, tree removal permits, and landmark trees.

  6. Maintenance Services

    Maintenance looks after City streets. You can report a downed tree, pothole, or other concern.

  7. Planning Division

    See information about long-range and current planning in the City.

  8. Police Department

    Browse information about our law enforcement.

  9. Public Works

    Learn more about the department overseeing Engineering, Maintenance Services, and Transportation Engineering.

  10. Purchasing

    Learn how to do business with the City.

  11. Recreation Services

    Find out more about the variety of recreation activities and park facilities offered in Fremont.

  12. Transportation Engineering

    Learn more about the department overseeing traffic and transportation programs and projects.