Energy & Water Efficiency

The City of Fremont has completed a comprehensive energy and water efficiency upgrade project with ENGIE (formerly Opterra Energy Services)an energy services company (ESCO). The scope of work included:
  • Converting all primary roadway and residential street lighting to energy-saving LEDs.
  • Upgrading all public park and plaza lighting to energy-saving LEDs.
  • Upgrading all public facility lighting and plumbing fixtures to high-efficiency options.
  • Installing weather-based irrigation controls at city parks.
  • Installing energy-saving pool pump controls at the Aqua Adventure Water Park. 
Together, these measures are projected to save an annual 4.7 million kWh of electricity, 12,000 therms of natural gas, and 8.7 million gallons of water, reducing the City's greenhouse gas footprint by a total of 976 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

LED Streetlight Upgrade

The installation of the new LED standard "cobrahead" streetlight fixtures began in October 2016. For private streets, the City does not maintain the streetlights in those areas, but residents are encouraged to discuss an LED upgrade with their homeowner’s associations (HOAs).

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