Artist: Thornton Jr HS Student artists: Kaya Williams, Katrina Rodriguez, Alison Zhao, Catheryn Vega, Anuj Lakra. Teacher: Christina Carey

Sponsor: Thornton Jr High PTSA

Description: These students were given an assignment to draw and paint an insect in a realistic style but with the challenge to use all of the Primary and Secondary colors in the spectrum - realistic insect, UNrealistic color scheme. The idea of painting what some would consider to be ugly creatures - insects - in a beautiful way is a concept that I, as their art teacher, try to instill in my students: Artists can find beauty in even the most common and unlikely places. The diversity of the insect world is also something that we explore, as every student in my class must find a unique species to depict. Our school has a very racial and culturally diverse population so seeing beauty in diversity is another life lesson that the students learn from art class. We hope that when citizens of Fremont see the insects with hues of the rainbow that they would also see the beauty found in diversity and in seeing creatures in a new light that otherwise may be overlooked.

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