Artists: Mission San Jose HS Student Artists: Yichen Xing, Tanushri Sundar, Enya Xing, Jocelyn Wang, Pamela Casipe, Anuja Konda, Irene Yin, Negeen Amerian, Allison Xu, Alisa Luu, Sindhu Goli, Joyce Wang. Teacher & Art Honor Society Sponsor: Edie Christensen 

Sponsor: Olive Hyde Art Guild, Fremont Education Foundation

Description:  YC XING: When I was a little child, I watched an episode of the animated series called "Arthur," which featured a jukebox that had a lasting impression on me because never had I seen anything like it. The boxART program was introduced to a club called MSJ VAMS, the Mission San Jose High School branch of Visual Arts and Music for Society, so I wanted the design to reflect both elements of art and music. I thought of the jukebox I had seen all those years before, and modeled one to fit into the design that now exists today.

box 222