Speed Lumps

The City of Fremont is proud to be a safe community with great neighborhoods.  Unfortunately, people who drive too fast can threaten the quality of life in our community.  The Fremont City Council has made traffic safety a high priority with the adoption of Fremont Vision Zero 2020, a program to eliminate traffic fatalities and provide safer streets.  As part of the program, funding is now available to calm traffic in Fremont neighborhoods by installing speed lumps at priority locations.

​What is a Speed Lump?

Speed lumps are raised asphalt structures installed on the pavement.  They are twelve feet in length across the traveled way and about 3 inches in height.  Signs and pavement markings will be installed with the speed lumps in conformance to the City Standard Detail.  

Is my neighborhood a priority for traffic calming?

The Public Works Transportation Engineering Division has developed a list of priority locations to receive speed lumps.  The priority locations are based on studies that have confirmed speeding on streets adjacent to schools and parks or verified speeding on a street used to cut-through residential neighborhoods. 

The 2017 Pavement Rehabilitation Project will include the installation of 29 new speed lumps. View the list of speed lumps here. Any new requests would need to be studied and, if speeding is confirmed, will be placed in the appropriate group level. 
Speed Lump
Speed lump 2

How can I get started?

Volunteer to be a champion!  Each priority location will need champions to meet with other residents in the community and develop support for the speed lumps.  Champions will receive information, direction and resources for the petition process from City staff.  Contact Alina Kwak at (510) 284-4014 if you want to be a champion for traffic safety in your neighborhood.