Fremont's Efforts to Address Traffic Congestion

Earlier this year, the City of Fremont conducted its 2016 community survey among 600 registered voters and randomly-selected Fremont residents. One of the findings from this survey confirmed that traffic congestion is among the community’s major concerns. Considering traffic issues span the entire Bay Area and that this region is one of the top three traffic-plagued regions in the country, it’s no surprise Fremont residents are concerned.

Silicon Valley is experiencing tremendous job growth with roughly 50,000 new jobs created annually over the past few years, with only about 5,000 housing units in the region added annually. In other words, development growth in Silicon Valley is severely imbalanced with only one new housing unit built for every 10 new jobs added. This results in workers traveling longer distances to their workplaces, putting strain on local freeways, city streets, and regional transit systems. In fact, recent news of Dublin ranking as the fastest growing city in Northern California and San Joaquin County (Stockton and Tracy) as the fastest growing county in the state should be no surprise to anyone.

In the heart of Fremont lies the Interstate 880, Interstate 680, Dumbarton and Niles Canyon corridors, which serve a vast majority of Silicon Valley commuters. This concentration of commute-heavy routes leads to overflow traffic moving through Fremont streets and neighborhoods and creating severe traffic congestion “hot spots” near Mission Boulevard/I-680, Paseo Padre Parkway/Washington Boulevard/I-680, and Mowry Avenue/Mission Boulevard/Niles Canyon. 

Fremont is working to address the issue of traffic congestion through a variety of efforts:

  • Improving the efficiency and flexibility of the City’s aged traffic signal system to utilize current and future technology improvements for better signal coordination. 
For regional relief, there are several larger-scale projects that will be implemented over the next few years by various Bay Area public agencies.

The City of Fremont is doing everything in its power at both the local and regional levels to address traffic congestion issues not only in Fremont, but across the Bay Area. 

View our infographic.

A day in the life of Bay Area traffic in 68 seconds
Congestion Infographic v090816