2017 Pavement Crack Seal Project

The Project

The 2017 Pavement Crack Seal Project is one part of an overall preventive maintenance effort to preserve the condition of existing street pavements.  Subsequent surface treatments will follow after most pavement crack seal work, including cape seals and slurry seals.  The overall preventive maintenance work is less intensive than a reconstruction project and also less costly, which allows for a greater number of streets to be treated.

This year’s project includes a total of 156 street segments, consisting of approximately 27 centerline miles of roadway.  The work is scheduled to proceed through the Spring of 2017.

Project Map

8195-M Project Map

Anticipated Impacts to the Public

Temporary lane closures will occur when pavement crack seal work is in process. Traffic flow may even affect streets adjacent to where the work is occurring.  Parking will be restricted on streets when work occurs.  No parking signs will be posted in advance of the parking restrictions and advance notices will be delivered to nearby properties.

Work will normally occur in the following sequence: 
1. Weed spraying
2. Weed removal
3. Pavement crack sealing 

Construction Process

Pavement Crack sealing – Crack sealing involves placing a hot-applied mixture of paving asphalt and ground rubber directly into the cracks in pavement.  Since water intrusion into pavement cracks causes pavement deterioration, sealing the cracks helps to prevent intrusion and extend the useful life of the pavement.  Prior to pavement crack sealing, all cracks will be sprayed with herbicide to remove weed growth. 


Questions or comments about the project can be directed to the Engineering Division at (510) 494-4700.

Project Details

Project Map
Street List