Battery Recycling

The City of Fremont has teamed up with the Alameda County Household Hazardous Waste Program (HHW) to create more convenient drop-off options for recycling batteries.  Recent laws make it illegal to dispose of batteries in the trash, including common household types, such as alkaline, rechargeable, and smaller button-types.  In addition to the existing County HHW drop-off locations, and the Republic Services Center on Boyce Road, new battery drop-off locations open to the public include:

  • City Hall - 3300 Capitol Ave (Lobby/Reception Desk)
  • Development Center - 39550 Liberty Street (Lobby)
  • Maintenance Center – 42551 Osgood Road
  • Senior Center at Central Park
  • Centerville Community Center – 3355 Country Dr (Lobby)
  • Irvington Community Center – 41855 Blacow Rd (Lobby)
  • Warm Springs Community Center – 47300 Fernald St (Lobby)
  • Los Cerritos Community Center – 3377 Alder Ave (Lobby)