Council District Elections


As of November 2018, the City of Fremont has six Council districts. Following the completion of our transition to District-based representation with the November 2020 election, all residents will be represented by a Council Member elected by their District and the Mayor will continue to be elected at-large by all city voters. 
This change to transition from at-large to district-based elections was adopted on June 13, 2017 by the City Council with an
ordinance approving six new Council districts as shown in the map and establishing a phase-in schedule. Check out our District Locator Tool, an interactive Council districts map that provides an easy way for residents to look up a location and the resulting district number. 

District Locator Tool

Council District Locator QR

In the November 2018 election, voters participated in the first district-based election when four City Council seats were up for election; District 1 (Northwest portion of the city -- two-year term), District 2 (Central north portion), District 3 (Central portion), and District 4 (Eastern portion). In the November 2020 election, voters in District 1 (Northwest portion), District 5 (South portion) and District 6 (Central south portion) each elected a City Councilmember, and all voters decided the Mayor's position.

During the 2020 and 2024 elections, candidates will be elected from districts where they live pursuant to the following timetable:

District Seat up for Election Number of Years to Serve Current Councilmember
District 1 November 2024 4-Year TermTeresa Keng
District 2
 November 2022 4-Year Term Rick Jones 
District 3 November 2022 4-Year TermJenny Kassan
District 4 November 2022 4-Year TermYang Shao
District 5 November 2024 4-Year Term Raj Salwan
District 6 November 2024 4-Year Term Teresa Cox
Notes:  When the Mayor's four-year term expires in 2024, it will be filled by an at-large election of all city voters.