Concrete Pathway Improvements

Two existing asphalt concrete pathways, located at the Boathouse in Central Park and Sabercat Historic Park, will be receiving new pavement improvements. The asphalt pathways at both sites will be demolished and replaced with new concrete pathways. In addition to the pavement replacement at the Boathouse, the project site will also receive several user enhancements such as handrails and benches. At Sabercat Historic Park, the project site will be receiving new educational and wayfinding signs to promote the area's geological and historical importance.

The third project location is the new sidewalk extension near Central Park's Aqua Adventure. This new sidewalk begins at the ingress and egress into Central Park near the Nature Learning Center and Sabercat Playground and connects to the existing sidewalk behind the waterpark. This sidewalk will provide visitors with a safe designated pedestrian pathway from the parking lot and through Central Park. 

Boat House Layout