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February 2021 Update

The BART Project Team has been making significant progress with the art and architecture design of the Irvington Station. For more information regarding the design plans and future community engagement meetings, please visit

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Irvington Station Art Program Community Input - BART and the City of Fremont are seeking community input on a public art project planned for the new Irvington BART Station.

The survey should take less than 15 minutes to complete and all responses will be anonymous. You may answer as many or as few questions as you prefer. The survey will close Sunday, 2/28 at noon.

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The future Irvington BART Station will be located in the Irvington District at the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Osgood Road, approximately halfway between the existing Fremont BART Station and the Warm Springs/South Fremont BART Station.

The Irvington BART Station was first studied as part of the Warm Springs extension in 1979 and was first approved by the BART Board in 1992. Most recently, the Irvington Station was planned to be constructed as part of the Warm Springs BART Extension. However, insufficient funding for the station delayed its development until Alameda County voters passed Measure BB in 2014, which specifically included funding for the station.

In preparation for the construction of the Irvington Station, the City of Fremont and BART worked collaboratively over the past several years to prepare two plans: a Station Site Plan and a Station Area Plan. These two plans are described in more detail below. The Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) provided funding and oversight for the preparation of these two plans.

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Note: Informational video prepared September 2017.

Irvington BART Project Timeline

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Station Site Plan
A Station Site Plan is a plan that locates all of the various elements that must fit into the boundary of the station property including the station platform and concourse building, access structures, transit accommodations, parking spaces, utilities, pedestrian and bicycle access facilities, passenger amenities, circulation elements, etc.

A Station Site Plan for the Irvington BART Station was previously designed as part of the Warm Springs Extension in 2003. More recently, an updated Station Site Plan was prepared to reflect the latest BART policies, priorities, and requirements, as well as feedback received from the community. The update to the Irvington BART Station Site Plan resulted in a more compact, neighborhood-friendly station than what was previously adopted in 2003. The BART Board of Directors voted to approve the updated Station Site Plan on August 22, 2019.

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Station Area Plan
The Irvington BART Station Area Plan was prepared to provide a framework for achieving the City of Fremont’s longstanding vision of a transit-oriented, active area strategically integrated with the future Irvington BART Station, consistent with the City’s 2011 General Plan and Irvington Community Plan goals. The primary purpose of the Station Area Plan is to ensure successful integration and connectivity between the Irvington BART Station, new development, and existing neighborhoods. The Irvington BART Station Area Plan addresses transportation, circulation, urban design, and public infrastructure near the Irvington station site and creates a framework for future development and improvements near the station. The Station Area Plan was designed to be consistent with the existing land use designations established in the City of Fremont General Plan and includes development standards and design guidelines that will enhance the Plan Area.

The Fremont City Council adopted the Irvington BART Station Area Plan on July 16, 2019. The adopted document is available below.
Station Area PlanContents
Chapter 1: IntroductionIntroduction
Chapter 2: VisionVision
Chapter 3: Access and MobilityAccess and Mobility
Chapter 4: Site and Building DesignSite and Building Design
Chapter 5: Implementation and Financing PlanImplementation
AppendicesAppendix A: Planning and Policy Context
Appendix B: Community Feedback
Appendix C: Access and Mobility Improvement Opportunities
Complete Station Area Plan (approximately 17 mb)Complete Station Area Plan

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