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If you are considering an addition, remodel, or home upgrade, you have come to the right place. The City answers your questions below and provides the resources you need to complete your residential project.

Who do I contact to get started on my residential project?

The Community Development Department is responsible for the coordinated review of all building construction projects within the City. The review typically involves the Planning division and, within the Building and Safety division, Plans and Permits and Building Inspection. All of the divisions are located at the City's Development Services Center at 39550 Liberty Street in Fremont.

To get started on your residential project, you can submit your permit request(s) online using the City's Citizen Access portal. The online submittal process should be used for all new permit requests including planning permitsbuilding/fire permitssolar permits, and engineering permits. This includes building permits for basic home upgrade projects like water heater replacements, roof replacements, and minor kitchen/bathroom remodels. For more information, please visit the City's Online Permits webpage.

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Who will I interact with when submitting my project?

Please see the different City staff members below and their role in the review process.
Residential Project Team

Who will coordinate my review process?

Your team leader (Community Development Technician, Planner, or Plan Checker) will coordinate project reviews with other City departments like Fire and Public Works and, as needed, with outside agencies such as the Alameda County Water District and the Union Sanitary District.

Are there projects that do not require a building permit?

Yes. Some residential projects do not require a building permit. Please refer to this list for those projects.

What are the benefits of obtaining a building permit?

Staff will examine your plans and drawings for compliance with local zoning codes as well as the California and local building codes. City inspectors will visit the residence or job site to inspect the work to ensure that the construction matches the plans and is compliant. These services can help prevent potentially fatal fires, leaks that cause damage, inadequate structural conditions, and other hazards caused by not complying with the minimum standards in the codes. 

Note: Building Inspectors do not get involved in disputes between contractors and property owners and are not authorized to comment on the quality of work performed by the contractor. 

How long is the review process?

Timelines are dependent on the scope of work to be done and are typically specified on planning handouts for various permits. If your project involves only interior work, a building permit may be issued the same day or may take multiple cycles of review if plans are not correctly detailed or complete. Your team leader can provide you with anticipated timelines.

Where do I find information on the general requirements for my project?

Please see our project handouts and webpages below.

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Exterior Improvements