Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School comprehensive program to make school communities safer by combining engineering tools and enforcement with education about safety and activities to enable and encourage students to walk and bicycle to school. The City of Fremont is committed to providing safe and convenient options for parents and students to walk and roll to school.

Safety Assessments

The City of Fremont is in the process of conducting School Safety Assessments for all 40 public schools in the City.  The School Safety Assessments are a collaboration of Fremont Unified School District (FUSD), students, parents, City of Fremont Transportation staff and consultants.  The assessments include a comprehensive audit of walking and bicycling safety conditions and development of a set of infrastructure recommendations to improve safety. Maps of recommended walking and bicycling routes have also been developed for each school in Fremont.

The Traffic Safety Assessments consist of long and short term improvements. Examples of recommended short term improvement would include installation of ladder crosswalks, new signing and striping for all-way stop controlled intersections and other “Quick Build” improvements that can be implemented by the City’s Street Maintenance Division. Long term improvements such as new sidewalk construction or widening, intersection curb extensions, or installation of Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons at school route intersections may require outside funding sources. The City would utilize the traffic safety assessments to demonstrate need and justification to pursue available grant funds such as  Active Transportation Program funds or Highway Safety Improvement Program Grant funds.

Traffic Educational Programs

City of Fremont is currently partnered with Safe Moves- a California non-profit organization- to provide proactive traffic education program that teaches students and young adults how to safely ride a bicycle while observing laws and regulations. The program also teaches young students how to safely cross a street in variety of different scenarios. The program provides workshops, school / community rodeos, and bicycle helmet giveaways. Contact Us to participate in the Safe Moves Program.

County Programs

The Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools (SR2S) Program-managed by the Alameda County Transportation Commission- has education, safety training, encouragement resources available for parents, teachers and administrators.  The County coordinates annual events such as International Walk and Roll to School Day and the Golden Sneaker Competition to encourage students to walk and bike to school. To learn more about available programs and upcoming events see link below.

Select your school for additional information.

 1. American High
 2. Ardenwood Elementary
 3. Azevada Elementary
 4. Blacow Elementary**
 5. Brier Elementary
 6. Brookvale Elementary**
 7. Cabrillo Elementary
 8. Centerville Junior High**
 9. Chadbourne Elementary
10 .Durham Elementary**
11. Forest Park Elementary**
12. Glenmoor Elementary
13. Gomes Elementary
14. Green Elementary**
15. Grimmer Elementary**
16. Hirsch Elementary
17. Hopkins Junior High
18. Horner Junior High**
19. Irvington High**
20. Kennedy High**
21. Leitch Elementary**
22. Maloney Elementary**
23. Mattos Elementary**
24. Millard Elementary**
25. Mission San Jose Elementary
26. Mission San Jose High
27. Mission Valley Elementary**
28. Niles Elementary**
29. Oliveira Elementary
30. Parkmont Elementary**
31. Patterson Elementary
32. Robertson High**
33. Thornton Junior High
34. Vallejo Mill Elementary
35. Vista Alternative**
36. Walters Junior High**
37. Warm Springs Elementary
38. Warwick Elementary
39. Washington High
40. Weibel Elementary**

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**Upcoming Event 2018**


We invite all schools in the City of Fremont to participate in the 2018 Golden Sneaker Contest.  This contest encourages students to choose healthy travel options to school. The contest runs from February 26 through March 9, 2018

The following schools are participating in the Golden Sneaker Contest:

  • Ardenwood Elementary
  • Brier Elementary
  • Cabrillo Elementary
  • Chadbourne Elementary
  • Forest Park Elementary
  • Harvey Green Elementary
  • Hirsch Elementary
  • Irvington High
  • Leitch Elementary
  • Maloney Elementary
  • Niles Elementary
  • Oliveira Elementary
  • Parkmont Elementary
  • Walters Junior High
  • Warwick Elementary