How to Register

Registration is easier than ever and can be done by the following methods:
  • Online
  • Email Form to
  • Fax Form to (510) 494-4375
  • In Person  City of Fremont Recreation Office - 3300 Capitol Ave Bldg. B, Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • For email or fax registrations please make sure you include the Registration Form.

Priority Registration

If your child is currently enrolled in Parent Child, Enrichment, Pre-K and Pre-K Literacy classes they will be given priority registration. Priority registration does not apply for preschool Phonics, Math or Science.

2017-2018 Priority Registration Dates

Late Fall Classes

  • Priority Registration: 10/3-10/18/17
  • Transfer Day: 10/19/17
  • Open Enrollment: 10/20/17*
Winter Classes
  • Priority Registration: 1/9-1/17/18
  • Transfer Day: 1/18/18
  • Open Enrollment: 1/19/18*
Spring Classes
  • Priority Registration: 2/20-3/7/18
  • Transfer Day: 3/8/18
  • Open Enrollment: 3/9/18*
Summer Classes
  • Open Enrollment: 4/1/18*
*Open enrollment dates refers to anyone who can register their child without any prerequisites and class information will be available online.