Self Injury Support

What is Self Injury?

  • Self-injury is when a person deliberately hurts themselves, not with the intent to commit suicide but as a way to mange emotions.
  • Cutting and burning are the most commonly used means of self-injury.
  • Although adolescents have the highest incidence of self-injury behaviors these behaviors occur at all age ranges, in every social class and culture.

Why would anyone hurt themselves?

  • What drives self-injurious behaviors is a need to cope with or express difficult feelings.
  • Also, some self injure to punish themselves, to express to other how they feel, to distract or numb themselves, or to feel something, even pain.

How to get help

  • Try to listen without judgment.  Gently encourage the person to tell a trustworthy adult, someone who can help find support.
  • Educate yourself about the causes and treatment resources for self-injury.
  • You can talk to your doctor, a teacher, a counselor or someone from your place of worship.
  • Don't delay.  Timely support and treatment leads to healthier coping and healing.