Morrison Canyon Road Traffic Safety Project

Morrison Canyon Road is a narrow one-lane road that provides access to rural hillside properties in the Morrison Canyon and Vargas Road areas. Over the years, the use of Morrison Canyon Road has evolved to create the following issues:

  • Conflicting two-way vehicle traffic on a narrow one-lane road
  • Increasing use as a bicycle and pedestrian trail without dedicated facilities
  • Continued deterioration of the roadway, hillside, and embankment
  • Continued emergency closures due landslides during the winter season
  • Increasing commuter cut-through traffic to access I-680 freeway

The City of Fremont Public Works Department is developing a project to address the traffic safety issues on Morrison Canyon Road and is looking for community input.  Possible project features that may be considered are:

  1. Signalize road at both ends and operate as a "scheduled" alternating one-way street.
  2. Enhanced road safety with "rumble strips" to alert non-motorized users of approaching vehicle traffic.
  3. Convert to private driveway (for 2 properties taking access off Morrison Canyon) with easement for emergency access and non-motorized recreational use.
  4. Retain as public street up to private driveway;
       a. limit remaining road segment to emergency access and non-motorized recreational use.
       b. convert remaining road segment to one-way downhill
  5. Widen roadway to better accommodate existing use. Likely to have high cost and significant environmental impact.

The proposed schedule for the Morrison Canyon Road traffic safety project is:

  • March/April 2018: Conduct community outreach and collect comments
  • May 2018: Council meeting to select safety improvement options
  • Fiscal Year 2018-19: Implement low cost safety improvements.

Please let us know your thoughts.  What priorities or issues would like addressed by the project?  Or do you have recommendations/features that should be included as part of the project.  Please submit your comments or questions