Mission San Jose Commercial Study

In June 2018, the Fremont City Council directed City staff to study the Mission San Jose Town Center to determine the potential for commercial success in the area—with special emphasis on retail, restaurants, entertainment options, and mixed use developments that include housing—and to develop strategies to support it accordingly.

The Mission San Jose Town Center is a commercial district near Washington and Mission boulevards, anchored by the historic Mission San Jose church and museum.

See a map of the Mission San Jose Town Center area.
Mission San Jose Area
City staff contracted with a consultant team comprised of land use economists, retail broker specialists, urban designers, and retail architects to complete the Mission San Jose Commercial Strategy Study. The scope of the study included analysis of competing commercial districts, including the nearby Ohlone Village Shopping Center located at the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Luzon Drive.
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The study took place over several months and included input from residents, business owners, and land owners in Mission San Jose. On October 18, 2018, City staff and the consultant team held a community meeting at the Olive Hyde Center to collect community input. The meeting was attended by approximately 70 community members, consisting of local residents, business owners, and property owners. At the meeting, community members provided input on what they thought commercial success would look like in the Mission San Jose Town Center and offered suggestions on how to achieve commercial success. Phone interviews with selected stakeholders were also conducted to gather input. The consultant team received feedback to focus efforts on reducing traffic in the area, improving the commercial presence in the Town Center, promoting the historic Mission San Jose church and museum as a destination, maintaining the historic village feel of the area, and adapting to demographic changes in the surrounding area.

Following public outreach, the consultant team held a two-day strategy session, conducted in the format of a Peer Exchange Panel or Technical Assistance Panel. The strategy session analyzed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and constraints for the Mission San Jose Town Center and formulated strategies for commercial improvement.

The completed Commercial Strategy Study Report is a synthesis of the discussion and findings from the strategy session. The Fremont City Council reviewed and accepted the final report for the study on May 21, 2019.

Key strategies highlighted in the report include the following:
  • focusing revitalization efforts on a smaller “primary commercial area” within the Town Center, 
  • enhancing the identity of the area through marketing, branding, more events, and signage,
  • incorporating a leasing/merchandising plan for property owners and commercial tenants, and
  • improving the public realm.
City staff conducted another community meeting on July 25, 2019 to outline the findings in detail with the community. Notes from the meeting are available.

The City will continue to explore the different strategies identified in the study, engage with the public and key stakeholders, determine what is feasible for the area, and share any updates with the community.
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Mission San Jose Town Center and Ohlone Village Shopping Center