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Shared Active Transportation Program                                                   

HOPR scooterShared Active Transportation programs consist of bicycles, electric bicycles, and motorized scooters that are deployed in the public right-of-way for use by members, customers, or the general public. Shared Active Transportation programs provide a convenient, sustainable, and congestion-reducing option for short-trips and accessing transit.

The City has partnered with Hopr, to bring a pilot shared active transportation program to Fremont.  The pilot program began in Fall 2019 and consists of shared pedal bicycles.  In June 2021, the City expanded its program with HOPR to a permanent program that also includes e-bikes and scooters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the City bringing shared active transportation to Fremont?

Shared active transportation programs have achieved rapid popularity in many other cities across the U.S.  Fremont’s Bicycle Master Plan identifies launching a bike share system as a near-term action, and Fremont’s General Plan identifies promotion of a multimodal transportation system as an overarching goal.  In addition, Fremont received a grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to implement a bike share system.

How do “dockless” shared active transportation systems work?

Users execute a user agreement with an operator then use an app to locate and unlock bicycles or scooters.  Users may end their trip at any point but must comply with parking rules and respect designated no parking zones. HOPR is responsible for rebalancing bikes and scooters to high demand areas if they are not checked out again within a specified timeframe.

Where are shared bikes and e-scooters available in Fremont?

Bikes are deployed in areas around regional transit hubs, job centers, and commercial districts, including the City Center, Centerville, Irvington, and Warm Springs areas.  Users may ride shared bikes anywhere in the City, except portions of Fremont Central Park will be restricted.

How will the program promote safety?

All equipment will meet minimum operating standards such as maximum operating speeds and lights.  HOPR will be responsible for operating educating users on compliance with state and local laws and regulations age and licensing requirements, sidewalk riding prohibitions, and other rules of the road. 

How will parking be managed?

HOPR will be responsible for educating users on proper parking behavior and responding to any misparked devices within a specified timeframe.  All devices must meet minimum parking rules such as not blocking sidewalks, storefronts, bus stops, or curb ramps.  All devices will have a unique identifier and clearly displayed phone number so they can be easily reported to HOPR via a 24-hour customer service hotline if they are misparked.  In addition, the City has installed shared bike parking zones in high density areas and near major trip generators. A recent study of dockless scooter parking conducted in San Jose by the Mineta Transportation Institute found that users generally park dockless devices properly, with fewer than 2 percent blocking access for the disabled.

What do I do if I see a misparked device?

Misparked devices should be reported to HOPR.  Misparked devices may be reported via their 24-hour customer service hotline at (833) 838-8300.  Misparked devices may also be reported via email at or via the comment form on HOPR’s website at

How much does it cost to use HOPR?

HOPR offers several pricing plans:

  • Single ride: $1 to unlock plus 15¢ per minute
  • 30 day pass: $20. Free to unlock plus 10¢ per minute
  • 365 day pass: $60. Free to unlock and 30 minutes of free ride time per day.  10¢ per minute for additional ride time.
  • Corporate passes:  Group discounts available for large employers or community organizations
  • HOPR Access Pass: $5 for 30 minutes of unlimited ride time per day.  Available for participants in federal or state income assistance programs such as CalWorks (TANF), CalFresh, LIHEAP, WIC, Medicaid/Medi-Cal, Head Start, & DOE WAP

How old do users need to be?

Users of HOPR bikes in Fremont must by 18 or older. 

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Any customer service issues or misparked devices should be reported to HOPR at (833) 838-8300 or  Comments on the program may be submitted to the City at