Central Park Picnic Areas


Reserved Areas

Fremont's Central Park has 19 fee-based picnic sites. These sites include barbecue grills and picnic tables. Each site holds a different number of people (between 20 - 350) depending on the location. Look at our information sheet and park map to clarify size, fees and location of sites.

For more information including the rental rates, rules & guidelines, and application, view the Central Park Picnic Use Packet

Drop-In Picnics (non reserved areas) 

There are individual picnic tables and family-size grills available for drop-in (no fee) use of small gatherings throughout the park.

Stevenson Boulevard
  • 16 tables and 9 grills 
  • Accommodate groups of less than 25 people. 
Paseo Padre Parkway 
  • 16 tables and 9 grills
  • Accommodate groups of less than 50 people.
If your group is between 25-50 people or if you are planning to have a bounce house, a drop-in form is required. For more details, please view the  Drop in Picnic Use Packet for the rules & regulations, drop-in form, and Central Park Map. 

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