Box # 226 

Title: My World

Intersection: Paseo Padre Pkwy. @ Sailway Dr.

Artists: Serra Center Artists – Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
Roger Anglin, Cary Bell, Patrick Carleton, Robert Cross, Donald Dimenco, Donald Fields, Karen Goldberg, Sophia Halsey, Gary Heuer, Maryann Jerde, Maurice Kaasa, Todd Lorenzo, Lisa Mungin, Kelly Rommelfanger, Lori Santos, Terry Shiman, Marsha Smith, Jennifer Sullivan, Patrick Tracey, Bill Turner, Ryan Vevoda

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Inspiration Statement:
Congratulations to the 21 artists from the Serra Center Art Workshop! My World was the theme for each of their paintings, which through the graphic artistry of Miguel Rivas, were arranged into a bulletin board design and ultimately applied to the traffic signal box by Signs Unlimited using their vinyl wrap method. Made possible by a collaboration between the City of Fremont, the Art Review Board, Serra Center, and Olive Hyde Art Guild, it is an honor to celebrate the creative artwork of an under-served group of individuals with our community.

Sponsor: Lynn and Judy Anglin    

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Box 226 My World