Lila Bringhurst Community Park

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About the Park

Lila Bringhurst Community Park is located in the Warm Springs Innovation District. The park is a joint-use park with Lila Bringhurst Elementary School. The park features a large lawn area bordered by a 10' wide loop concrete trail, shade structures, restroom, 4-half court basketball courts, hardcourt play area, outdoor classroom with amphitheater seating, big kids play area, small kids play area, butterfly garden, and a 4' high perimeter fence.

A New Community Park!

_WS_School_Park wExpansion_40sc_CURRENT
Click here for a larger version of the rendering.
LilaBringhurst Location Map

The Name Behind the Park

The community park got its name after a longtime Fremont resident, Lila Bringhurst, who was on the forefront for preserving the local heritage and history of Fremont including Mission San Jose, Saint Joseph Parish rectory and Rancho Higuera Adobe. Lila also served on the City's Recreation Commission from January 2014 up until her passing. 

Lila commemorated Fremont's history by personally funding Mario Chiodo, a famous sculptor, to construct a large bas-relief train to depict a 1907 train that traveled through Niles Canyon in front of the Niles Station Apartments on the intersection of Mowry Avenue and Mission Boulevard. Lila passed away on May 7, 2016, but her lifetime of preservation efforts will be enjoyed by future generations to come. 
Wisdom Road Trellis