Teen Volunteer Email List
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Teen Volunteer Opportunities
The City of Fremont Recreation Services Division offers several ways for teens to volunteer and earn community service hours.

When you volunteer, you can: 

  • Earn community service hours for school
  • Develop community pride for Fremont
  • Earn credit as a scout, 4-H member, church, or youth group member
  • Learn skills for a future career
  • Meet and make new friends

School Year Opportunities

These include, but not limited to, helping with recreational programs for children, families, pre-teens and teens such as:

  • 6th Grade Dances
  • Kids n Kite Festival
  • Spring Break Camps
  • Trick or Treat on Safety Street
  • Candy Cane Hunt

Summers Only

Teen Leadership Academy

The Teen Leadership Academy is designed to provide our youth & teen population opportunities to gain real life and work experience through civic engagement. Junior high & high school age young people are given an opportunity to perform community service while learning the principles of project management, work ethic, leadership, team work, and character building.  

The two programs available under the Teen Leadership Academy are Counselor in Training (CIT) and the Youth Service Corps (YSC).  

If you have specific questions on either CIT or YSC, please email or call (510) 494-4300.
Earn a Presidential Service Award
You can earn a Presidential Service Award for your volunteer work this summer! More information here

A Note to Parents

Please have your child make contact with us directly—email is preferred. The agreement will be between City staff and your teen and we want to help your child develop leadership skills. Part of that is making the initial contact. 

We understand that transportation needs to be arranged. We also understand that many times young people can be shy - we are trained to be patient and ask questions finding out interests and where the "best fit" may be. This will help lessen you being accused of nagging your teen because they feel more ownership over their pursuit of volunteering options. 

Please respect the reasons why we ask for your teen to be the person who makes first contact. 
Need clarification or have questions on volunteering?
Please email Alvaro Zambrano or call (510) 494-4344.