Youth Advisory Commission

What is the Youth Advisory Commission?

The goal of the Youth Advisory Commission (YAC) is to be the voice of the Fremont teen community. They identify teen issues and address the City Council. The City officials envision a better tomorrow by viewing today's teenagers as a valuable resource.

The Fremont YAC was awarded the California Healthy Cities Special Achievement for their annual Junior High Leadership Conference. It is the only event of its kind where private and public school students (including pre-teens from the California School for the Deaf) attend and learn from high school students who plan the event over many months.

How Did the YAC get Started?

In the late 1980s, the Mayor invited all of the high school student body presidents in the Fremont Unified School District to meet with the City Council to discuss issues of interest to young people.

On October 24, 1989, the Council introduced an ordinance to create the Youth Advisory Commission. The ordinance was adopted on November 7 and became effective December 7, 1989. The formation of the Commission was completed on December 19, 1989, when the Mayor appointed the first members to the newly-created Youth Advisory Commission.

What do Youth Commissioners Do?

  • Encourage teen leadership and responsibility through involvement.
  • Create opportunities for public discussion of teen issues through meetings, workshops and conferences. Explore and identify issues and concerns of special importance to teens and communicate those issues to the City Council and Recreation Commission.
  • Look for ways to promote mutual understanding, respect and communication amongst teen groups of all cultures and backgrounds.
  • Sponsor youth and teen activities like: an annual Junior High Leadership Conference; Community donation drives and provide community service as a team. 
  • Attend and participate in: Bay Area Youth Commission Conferences; Commission retreats and City receptions and radio, television & newspaper interviews. 

Interested in joining the Youth Commission? Click the link below for more information! Please contact Alvaro Zambrano at or 510.494.4344 for any questions.