Mission Creek Trail - Palm Ave to Mission Blvd

Project “On Hold” For the Following Reasons:

  • We acknowledge the interest to hold an “in-person” meeting and are waiting until health conditions allow us to do so safely.
  • The COVID pandemic and the related economic impacts have reduced the City’s available revenues for implementing projects. We are currently prioritizing projects that are funded from secure grants that have project delivery deadlines from County, State and Federal agencies. This project is locally funded which gives us more discretion regarding the schedule.

General Project Description

Construction of a trail along Mission Creek between Palm Avenue and Mission Boulevard was identified in the General Plan and the 2016 Pedestrian Master Plan as an important trail gap closure to supplement the City of Fremont’s bicycle and pedestrian system.  Completion of this path would enhance access to Central Park for the Mission San Jose community.  It would also complete the link between Central Park, Gomes Park, Mission San Jose Park and Mission San Jose High School.  

As part of the Safe Routes to School program, there is also a need for safer walking and biking access for students to Mission San Jose High School, Hopkins Junior High and Chadbourne Elementary for residents south of Palm Avenue.   A portion of this trail, between Via San Luis Rey and Mission Boulevard, was completed as part of a residential development in 2016. This project would extend the current multi-use path by 2,200 feet to Palm Avenue along the existing Alameda County Flood Control channel.

The project will:

1.    Install Class I trail on 2200 feet of Mission Creek between Palm Avenue and Mission Boulevard;
2.    Install a bicycle and pedestrian bridge across Mission Creek for the neighborhoods south of Mission Creek;
3.    Install bulb outs and crosswalks at the Palm Avenue Terminus for safer access to the existing trail north of Palm
4.    Provide new signing and striping and pavement markings.

Schedule of Activities

A community meeting was held on October 9, 2019.  Comments from the meeting can be found here

A second community meeting, previously scheduled for early 2020, has been postponed to a future date due to the current lock down orders.


The project is being funded by Gas Tax and Measure B & Measure BB.

Future Updates

Further information will be communicated through updates to this project webpage with email notifications to the interested residents and stakeholders. If you would like to be added to the project contact list, please send a request.

MIssion Creek Pic 1

Existing trail north of Palm Avenue that this trail will connect to.

Recently completed trail built near Mission Boulevard that this project will connect to.

Mission Creek Pic 2