Banner Guidelines

Street Banners are intended to promote local events sponsored by local non-profit groups by allowing groups to announce their events on street banners. View the guidelines below:

  •  At the time of application for a special event (Chapter 18.194 the City’s municipal code) a non-profit organizer may apply to post a street banner (on select streets only). The special event application must include a clear replica for each proposed banner or banners, including any text that will appear on banners, for each proposed installation.
  • An event means an activity that takes place within the City of Fremont at a venue that is open for attendance by the general public without restriction based on the person’s status or membership in a protected class.
  • A non-profit event banner means a street banner that announces an event or series of events where the event proceeds, if any, will directly benefit a non-profit organization.
  • A non-profit organization means an entity organized and operating under, and in full compliance with, Internal Revenue Code sections 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6).
  • A street banner means any pennant, streamer, flag, sign, picture, figure, or other object, regardless of the material of which it is made, which is suspended or otherwise displayed over any public street, way or place, designed for decoration or advertisement, or to attract the attention of passersby. Street banner does not mean official warning devices, public service facilities, street lights, and the like.

 Banner Content

  • Name of the event, not to exceed eight words and 50 letters
  • Name of the charitable or non-profit organization who is the permit applicant, and, if the name of the organization is in a language other than English, the English translation of the name
  • Date of the event
  • Time of the event
  • Location of the event
  • If desired by the applicant, either a telephone number or web address for persons to obtain additional information concerning the event.

Note: A for-profit entity may receive sponsorship recognition on non-profit event banners limited to the name and logo of the for-profit sponsoring entity. The size of the name and logo shall be limited to less than 20% of the total area of the banner. One sponsorship recognition is allowed per banner.


  • The duration of a non-profit street banner permit shall not exceed 30 days. The applicant may apply for one additional 30 day extension. Non-profit banners may not be used for more than 60 days in a 12 month period to announce the same event, whether the event is a single event, series of events, or periodically recurring event.
  • The term of each permit shall be stated on the special event permit.

Installation & Removal

The following requirements apply to the installation and/or removal of a non-profit street banner:

  • Banners must be removed promptly by the licensed contractor.
  • If the licensed contractor removes any existing banners, those banners must be delivered to the City of Fremont, Special Events Manager, and re-installed when permitted street banners are removed.
  • Street banners may only be installed by a licensed contractor who has a business license to conduct business within the City of Fremont.

Contact Information

For questions regarding banners related to a special event, please contact Barbara Yee-Charlson at (510) 494-4561.

For questions regarding banners that are not related to a special event, please contact the City Manager's Office at (510) 284-4000.