On-Line Survey for the Niles Blvd & Rancho Arroyo "Safe & Complete Streets" Project

After the community meeting on April 18, 2019, a follow up on-line survey was conducted to capture the elements that the broader community wanted in the safe and complete streets project for Niles Boulevard and Rancho Arroyo Parkway.  The survey results were presented to the community at a meeting on June 20, 2019.  The following are the on-line survey questions and responses submitted by the community.  The responses have been separated into two batches, one representing the neighborhoods directly adjacent to the project and one representing the greater Niles and Fremont community.  Names, home addresses, and email addresses have been redacted for privacy purposes.

The City has separated the projects into three distinct elements, each with a set of project alternatives.  The community was asked to vote on the option that they support or submit other options that have yet to be considered. 

1. Rancho Arroyo Parkway
Option 1: No change
      Maintain design with parking, buffered bike lanes, and one lane per direction
Option 2: Revert to previous design
Restore two lanes per direction, no bike lanes, no parking
Option 3: Retain current design with modifications
Add sidewalk on north side of Rancho Arroyo Pkwy
Install U-turn restrictions as necessary, but also allow for U-turns where available 
Additional parking restrictions to allow for U-turn movements where available

2. Rancho Arroyo Parkway / Niles Boulevard Intersection
Option 1: No change
Maintain design with “paint and plastic” bulb outs
Option 2: Revert to previous design
Restore wide turning radii, long crossing distances
Option 3: “Full buildout”
Construct concrete curb extensions to replace “paint and plastic” bulb outs
Install flashing beacon at pedestrian crossing 

3. Niles Boulevard
Option 1: No change
Retain current configuration (4 lanes, unbuffered bike lanes, no intersection control)
Option 2: “Safe and Complete Street” Improvements
Remove one lane per direction 
No changes at Niles/Nursery intersection
All-way stop at Niles Boulevard / Rock Avenue
Acceleration lanes to allow for two-stage left turns from minor streets at Rancho Arroyo, El Portal
Flashing beacons at Rancho Arroyo and El Portal crossings
Add buffered bike lanes (swap)
Parking along west side of Niles Blvd between Rancho Arroyo and El Portal

**Survey responses for Rancho-Niles Community**
**Survey responses for Greater Niles Community**