Small Cells Project

As wireless communication technology continues to advance, wireless service providers are working to expand 5G networks throughout the United States.  This requires deployment of small cell technology (small wireless facilities) which will make up the infrastructure of 5G networks and help provide better wireless service coverage throughout the United States.  In September 2018, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) passed a declaratory ruling titled “Accelerating Wireless Broadband Deployment by Removing Barriers to Infrastructure Investment” to support the proliferation of small cell technology.  The ruling restricts the authority of state and local governments to regulate small wireless facilities, limits fees that can be assessed by municipalities on the review of applications for these facilities, and places new limitations on discretionary aesthetic criteria that cities can apply to these facilities.  The ruling creates a time frame (“shot clock”) for review of new application for small wireless facilities.  The City of Fremont is adhering to this Federal regulation to allow Wireless Service Providers to process new applications for small cells within the public right-of-way.

City Council Agenda for Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Small Cell Projects-Status Update

The City of Fremont has two (2) executed Master License Agreements: 


Verizon Wireless has submitted sixty-seven (67) Small Cell Licenses.  Encroachment permits for these sites have been submitted and sixty (60) of these sites are anticipated to be completed by end of 2020.


AT&T is in the process of submitting their Small Cell License Applications.  No encroachment permits have been submitted to-date.

Design Guidelines

SD-24 Electrolier Standard

Door Hanger Template

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