Code Enforcement

The mission of Code Enforcement is to enhance safety, quality of life, and civic pride in partnership with the Fremont community.

This mission is achieved by responding to citizen complaints, proactively seeking out violations of the Fremont Municipal Code, and working to solve those problems in a swift and fair manner.

**Important Notices**

New Fremont App for Service Requests

Through Fremont App, residents are able to report a concern within city limits to address potholes, tree hazards, street lights, traffic signals, unsafe homes, overgrown weeds, and more. For more information, please read this City news article.

Code Enforcement Brochure

Code Enforcement Brochure
Abandoned Shopping Carts
For stray shopping carts in your area, view our Contact List of Retrieval Companies and call the company to report the exact location and the name of the retailer on the cart. If the retailer is not on the list, contact the retailer directly.

Fence Boundaries
For fence boundaries, refer to the Good Neighbor Fence Act which states that neighbors are equally responsible to maintain the boundaries between their properties. 
Real Estate Signage
View our Guide to Real Estate Signage to learn about the City's guidelines for displaying real estate signs without a permit.

Election Signage
View our Guide to Election Signage to learn about the City's guidelines for displaying election signs.

Types of Code Violations

To report a code violation or make a complaint, complete an online form
or call Code Enforcement at 510-494-4430. 
Blighted Properties
Report a property in violation of Fremont Municipal Code §8.60.040. This includes accumulation of garbage or debris, overgrown trees that obstruct the public's right-of-way, and fences with broken boards.
Dangerous or Unsafe Buildings
Report a vacant home that is being accessed by unauthorized persons or a vacant building where the landscaping is not being maintained.
Vacant House.jpg
Residential Auto Repair
If you see vehicle repair occurring in a residential location, you can report it. Fremont Municipal Code §18.190.580 restricts certain types of vehicle repair in residential locations. 
Auto Repair.jpg
Unsafe or Unsanitary Homes
Report a home that is not in compliance with the minimum safety standards within the California Health and Safety Code.
Paint Peeling.jpg

Code Enforcement Timeline

To find out what happens after you submit a concern, please review our Code Enforcement Timeline infographic below.
Code Enforcement Timeline