Special Event Sponsorship Program (SESP)

Overview and Goals

The Special Events Sponsorship Program (SESP) offers financial assistant to support large-scale special events in the City of Fremont.  These events include festivals, parades, and community celebrations that require services of the Police Department, Fire Department and/or the Street Maintenance Division on the day(s) of the event.  SESP awards are made once a year through a competitive application and review process.  The program aims to foster successful high-impact community events that:

  • Enhance economic development;
  • Encourage community participation;
  • Promote arts and cultural growth; and
  • Provide a rich variety of festivities for residents and visitors.

The program is not intended to support events where the primary purpose is fundraising for a cause. The SESP awards are meant to partially offset the cost of city services by providing financial support for events. Award amounts may vary per event per year. Organizers could request up to 50% of the anticipated total event cost or 100% of the anticipated cost of city services, whichever is higher. Award amounts may be less than the amount requested.


The Fremont Police Department manages the administrative process of the SESP, as the department also manages the permitting process for high-impact special events in the City. The special event sponsorship application and the special event permit application will be processed together in Spring of each year for events taking place in the upcoming fiscal year.

The SESP applications will be reviewed by a sub-committee of the Fremont City Council, and/or by a committee appointed by the Council. 

For detailed information regarding the program, including eligibility, fund use restrictions and evaluation criteria refer to the program guidelines here.

2020 – 2021 Special Event Sponsorship Program Timeline


SESP Opens for Application

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

SESP Application and Special Event Permit Application/Payment Due

Friday, March 6, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. PT


Review and scoring of SESP Applications

March - April 2020

Announcement of Funding Decision and Award Amount

May - June 2020

Sponsorship payment made to applicant

After July 1, 2020

Final Report Due for Grantees

90 days after event

Application Process

Application Submission Deadline for 2020-2021 Special Event Sponsorship Program (SESP): Friday, March 6, 2020 at 12:00 p.m.

  1. Review the full Program Guidelines for the Special Event Sponsorship Program (SESP).
  2. Complete the Special Event Sponsorship Program (SESP) application, and prepare all relevant documents. If completing the form electronically, please ensure to download and edit/save the form using Adobe Acrobat.  Certain browsers may open the form but not allow you to save.  
  3. Complete the Special Event Permit Application for High Impact Events and prepare all relevant documents.  If completing the form electronically, please ensure to download and edit/save the form using Adobe Acrobat.  Certain browsers may open the form but not allow you to save.  
  4. Review the application checklist to ensure you have all necessary documents ready for submission.
  5. Submit all application documents and special event permit payment together in one packet to the Plans and Permit Counter by the deadline. 

City of Fremont Development Services Center
ATTN: Special Event Unit
39550 Liberty Street
Fremont, CA 94538

There is no cost to apply to SESP, however, application and payment for the Special Event Permit is due at time of SESP application submission. Refer to www.fremont.gov/specialevents for more information on the Special Event Permit. Make check payable to City of Fremont.

If submitting in-person, the Plans and Permit Counter is opened Monday – Thursday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. and Friday: 8 a.m. – Noon.  The counter is closed on holidays. The counter accepts check, cash, or credit card.

If submitting by mail, the application packet, including check payment, must be received (not merely postmarked) by the deadline.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications early - no later than 7 days prior to the deadline - to give themselves ample time to resolve any unexpected issues and to confirm the City’s receipt of the application prior to the deadline. Applicants are also encouraged to submit the application in-person, as the counter representative can confirm receipt of all necessary documents for the application to be considered complete. Incomplete applications will be not accepted.


For questions regarding the Special Event Sponsorship Program or the permitting process for high-impact special events, contact:

Amy Gee
Management Analyst, Public Affairs
Fremont Police Department
(510) 790-6967