HNC Construction Update

On September 10, 2019, in response to the growing homeless crisis, the Fremont City Council unanimously approved the rear parking lot of Fremont City Hall for the location of the temporary Housing Navigation Center (HNC).

HNC Construction Layout

Construction Timeline

Construction of the HNC will begin the week of February 17, 2020, and is anticipated to continue through July 2020.

Construction Impact

Parking will be restricted within the footprint of the HNC starting on Monday, February 17, 2020, onward. In addition, 10 parking spaces along the south edge of the parking lot, adjacent to 39180 Liberty St., will be restricted during the duration of construction. Sidewalk improvements will be made as part of construction impacting pedestrian access from Liberty Street.

Construction Hours

Currently, construction hours are 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Construction Updates

Friday, May 22

This week the Contractor finished the ADA sidewalk and ramps, the fencing contractor has set the fence posts, and the landscape turf is in the process of being installed.

Next week the water utility will be connected and the water trench on Liberty St. will be backfilled. The turf installation will be completed early next week and the fence will continue to be constructed. Next week the landscaping of the HNC will begin with the planter troughs being placed and soil being delivered.

Friday, May 15

This week the installation of ramps and stairs for the modular buildings was completed. The concrete walkway behind Building B has been completed as well as the pavement restoration for the trenches across the main driveway, the driveway is now open to traffic. Excavation for utility trenches in Liberty Street and tapping into the water and sewer mains were completed. Drilling for perimeter fencing has been started.

Next week, the utility installations for Liberty Street will be completed and street pavement will be restored. The perimeter fencing of the HNC will be set in concrete footings and landscaping will begin. The planter troughs and planting soil will be delivered and the artificial turn areas within the fenced-in areas will be installed.

Friday, May 8

This week the PG&E underground conduits were completed as well as the onsite underground plumbing work. Approximately 90% of above ground utility tie-ins to the mobile units are completed and 80% of the ramps and stairs to the mobile units are completed.

Next week, the water and sewer lateral in Liberty St. will be installed and utility tie-ins to the mobile units will be completed. The sidewalk behind City Hall Building B will be constructed and the parking lot and driveways will be repaved. The remaining ramps and stairs to the modular buildings will be completed as well.   

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