Trails Strategy Plan


July 2021 Draft Trails Strategy Plan Available for Public Review

The Fremont Community is welcome to provide input on the Draft Trails Strategy Plan. The Fremont Trails Plan will provide a framework for the development and implementation of trail projects in Fremont. The Plan is a resource document that expands on the City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans to deal with trail facilities which are for the exclusive use of bicyclists and pedestrians and can serve transportation and recreation purposes. The Plan's development has been coordinated with the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The Draft Trails Strategy Plan, Appendix AAppendices B-I are available for review.   

Questions and comments received (thru 7-2-2021) about the Draft Plan with responses can be viewed here.  

Upcoming Trails Strategy Plan Meetings

The public is welcome to attend a final meeting to provide any inputs about the Trails Strategy Plan. The meeting is scheduled for the September 7th, 2021, City Council meeting at 7:00PM. Please click on the City Council Agenda website to review the Council report and attend the meeting. City Council proposed action is to approve the Trails Strategy Plan. Should you have questions about the plan or want to submit comments prior to the City Council meeting, please submit to Rene Dalton at

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Rene Dalton