Building Inspection Schedule

Requesting Inspections

  • To request a building inspection, please visit or call 510-494-4885 and the automated system will guide you through the process.
  • To request a commercial AFES, fire alarm, or fire code inspection, send an email or call 510-494-4428.
  • To request a planning, engineering, or landscape inspection, send an email.
  • Have your permit number available when you request an inspection.
  • Inspection requests can be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the automated line. 
  • Please note that all building and fire inspections must be scheduled before 3:00 pm the day before the appointment.

Obtaining Scheduled Inspection Information

  • To find information about the date and time of your scheduled inspection, please visit and search by your record number. Under your record, go to "Record Info" and "Inspections" to find your inspector's name.
  • Once you know your inspector's name, please call their office number listed below on the morning of your inspection date to ensure you are on their schedule.
  • If you see "Temp Inspector" listed, please call the Building Inspection phone line at 510-494-4400 for further assistance.
  • If you should need to reach your inspector for an estimated time of arrival for your inspection, please send a text to their mobile device listed below with the inspection site address.
For additional assistance on requesting inspections or obtaining scheduled inspection information, please contact Building Inspection at 510-494-4400.

New Area Assignments as of March 2022

Area Building Inspector Office Number  Mobile Number
BF-01 Sue Byrne 510-494-4406 510-703-4406
1, 2 John Campanile 510-494-4420 341-465-9669
13, 14, 15 Dustin Cardwell 510-494-4419 510-552-4954
17, 18 John De Marta 510-494-4408
3, 6 Mark Edgemon 510-494-4416
Plumbing, 8 Johnny Gusman 510-494-4423 510-703-5065
BF-02 Finn Jensen 510-494-4412 510-557-5687
11, 12 Keith Moerk 510-494-4429 510-709-5142
BF-03 Lena Sousou 510-494-4415 510-648-4468
4, 5, 7 Scott Thompson 510-494-4418 510-648-4100
Electrical; Supervisor Joey Tignor 510-494-4424 510-299-3746
TBD Devin Washoe 510-494-4404 510-602-7382
16, BIS-4, Tesla Jerrel Webber 510-494-4417 510-513-1461

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