Remote Video Building Inspections

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The City is offering live remote video building inspections for limited types of building permits for single family residential projects as an alternative to an inspector completing an in-person inspection. Video inspections are limited to the following building permit types:

  • Single Family Residential Reroof Permit
  • Single Family Residential Water Heater Replacement Permit
  • Single Family Residential Air Conditioning Upgrade Permit
  • Single Family Residential Furnace Replacement Permit
Video inspections need to be live and need to take place prior to the work being covered or the project being completed. Videos submitted to inspectors after the work is completed will not be accepted. Video inspections where the inspector is not comfortable or cannot verify compliance with the industry standards will need to have an in-person inspection.

Video inspections are performed using either the FaceTime (iOS) or Google Duo (Android) app. In order to connect to the video call and interact with the inspector, applicants/contractors need to use a smartphone or tablet with a 4G or 5G wireless service connection.

How to Obtain a Remote Video Inspection

Step 1: Scheduling Video Inspection

  • Video inspections for the residential building permits listed above can be scheduled by either 1) logging into Citizen Access, the City's public permitting portal, and accessing the record or 2) calling the inspection scheduling phone line at 510-494-4885.
  • A building inspector will contact the applicant/contractor to confirm the video inspection time and date. Video inspection times are provided in one-hour windows.

Step 2: Preparing for Video Inspection

  • Have the required tools ready and accessible in case they are needed.
  • Make sure the mobile device that will be used is fully charged.
  • Turn off notifications on the mobile device before the video call. If notifications are not turned off, the video call may freeze, causing delays and possibly requiring the inspection to be rescheduled.
  • Be ready to start the inspection with a street view, looking at the front of the structure with the address showing.
  • Be ready to accept a video call at the scheduled time and respond to requests from the building inspector.

Step 3: Conducting Video Inspection

  • At the time of the inspection, the inspector will initiate the video call using the contact phone number provided with the inspection request.
  • When the inspection begins, the applicant/contractor should be at the front of the structure so the inspector can verify the address of the property.
  • The inspector will then guide the applicant/contractor through the inspection during the video call.
  • During the call, the inspector’s directions should be followed. The applicant/contractor should also take note of any items that need corrections.

Step 4: Obtaining Video Inspection Results

  • After the video inspection call is completed, the inspector will update the City’s permitting system.
  • These comments will be viewable in the record on Citizen Access, the City’s public permitting portal.
  • If the building permit cards need signatures by an inspector, the applicant/contractor can visit the Development Services Center located at 39550 Liberty Street. Alternatively, an applicant/contract can print out the inspection results from Citizen Access by looking up the record number.

For more information, please contact Building Inspection at 510-494-4400 or by email.