Online Permits

Online Permits
Accela Citizen Access
The City has implemented an online submittal process for all new permit requests using the City's Citizen Access online portal. The online submittal process should be used for all new permit requests including planning permits, building/fire permitssolar permits, and engineering permits. This includes Residential Express Permits for simple home upgrade projects like installing a new water heater, roof, or air conditioning.

Steps to Obtain Residential Express Permits

Residential Express Permits are available online for the following projects. View the steps for obtaining these types of building permits.
  • Residential Electrical Upgrades: This includes residential electrical upgrades including repair, replacement, or new installation of electrical panels, electrical fixtures, and receptacles.
  • Residential Furnace and Air Conditioning Replacement: This includes residential furnace and air conditioning replacement, including repair and installation of furnaces/heaters, air conditioning units, and ducts.
  • Residential Plumbing: This includes residential plumbing repairs and alterations, including the installation or repair of water heaters, gas lines, and water lines.
  • Residential Reroof: This includes residential reroof projects.

Steps to Submit Request for Planning, Building/Fire, Solar, and Engineering Permits

To submit a permit request, applicants need to be a registered Citizen Access user. The steps for registration and online submittal are outlined below.
To learn more about Citizen Access and how to use it, please view the City's Citizen Access FAQs.

Permit Information and Required Documents

For information about the different permits and the required submittal documents, please visit the following webpages or use the contact information to connect with staff.

Tips to Successfully Submit Permit Request

  • Citizen Access FAQs: View this FAQs document to learn all about Citizen Access and how to use it.
  • Address: Use "Address" search to query City's parcel database to fill out address, parcel, and owner information, which are all required fields. To do this successfully, enter street number and partial street name with the wildcard % (e.g., 39550 Lib%), then select "Search." If only one address is available, it will populate the address, parcel number, and owner. If multiple addresses are available, select the correct address for your project. If the parcel number or owner has recently changed, leave them as is so you can submit the request. Then, inform City permitting staff that these items need to be corrected. Staff can do this in the backend of the system.
  • Documents: The Permit Application is required to be uploaded as a document to the request in order to submit. Permit applications are available here: building/fire/solar permit applicationplanning permit application, and engineering permit applicationSelect "Add," find the document on your computer, upload it to the record, select which type of record it is, and "Save." The document type called "Permit Application" is required. If it is not added, you will not be able to continue the submittal request. 
  • Confirmation: After a successful submission, you will receive an online confirmation followed by an email confirmation.
  • Questions: For questions about Citizen Access, please send City staff an email.

Next Steps

After a permit request is received, it will be converted to a standard permit. The applicant will see this standard permit in their Citizen Access account under “My Records.” City staff will then follow up with the applicant with questions about the request, a list of missing submittal documents, if any, the plan review fee/deposit, and methods of payment. Once payment is received, the request will be processed for review.

Electronic Plan Review

The City has launched Electronic Plan Review (ePR) for planning permitsbuilding/fire permitssolar permits, and engineering permitsWhen requesting one of these types of permits, applicants can use the City’s online permitting portal, Citizen Access, to submit their project plans and connect with City staff on the review process. Applicants submitting electronic documents for review need to conform to specific formatting requirements. For more information, please visit the City's ePR webpage