Sabercat Trail Extension Project

Information from Virtual Community Meeting #2:

We had our second Sabercat Trail Extension Project Public Meeting on October 22, 2020.  The presentation slides can be found
here.  You can also review a recording of Senator Bob Wieckowski’s welcome message here, the recording of the public meeting, as well as the meeting summary here.

We have also updated our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers that can be found here

You are welcome to provide comments any time, however, we would like to request that comments regarding the presentation from community meeting #2 be sent in by Friday, November 13th. via email ( or mail your comments to:

Sabercat Trail Extension Project
c/o Public Works Department
Engineering Division
39550 Liberty Street
Fremont, CA 94538 


The figure above illustrates the Conceptual Project layout where the proposed Class I Bicycle and Pedestrian path extension is denoted in yellow, grade-separated crossings are represented in dash lines and the proposed Paleontological Museum location in the blue area.

Information from Virtual Community Meeting #1:

If you missed our first Sabercat Trail Extension Project Public Meeting on June 24, 2020, the presentation slides can be found here. You can also review a recording of the public meeting as well as the meeting summary here

Survey/Comment period for Community Meeting #1 has concluded. You can download and review the public survey results
here. You can also download Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. 

We will continue to post project development updates and future opportunities to provide your review and comments so please monitor the website if you are interested.


The City of Fremont’s I-680 Sabercat Bridge & Trail (Irvington BART to Ohlone College) will build a landmark bicycle and pedestrian gateway into the City of Fremont. The trail will cross the canyon of I-680 currently dividing the Irvington District, East Bay Greenway (EBGW), and future Irvington Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Station from the Sabercat Historical Park, Ohlone College, and Fremont Hills. Additionally, the project will create a bicycle/pedestrian connection over or under the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR)/BART tracks.

Marked by an architecturally significant bicycle and pedestrian bridge over I-680, this project will create a safe and convenient Class I multi-use bicycle and pedestrian path forging a critical link in Fremont’s city-wide cycling and pedestrian network, enhancing connectivity through and to the 
Irvington District.


  • The existing bikeway network lacks a direct, comfortable route connecting the Irvington Town Center, EBGW, and future Irvington BART Station to the Sabercat Historical Park, Ohlone College, and East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD) areas.
  • The existing available bikeways are on arterial roadways that carry significant traffic volumes, creating conflicts between bicyclists, pedestrians, and automobiles.
  • The Irvington District anticipates growth and revitalization consistent with the Irvington Community Plan in Fremont’s General Plan.


  • Increased Access to Regional Transit and the future Irvington BART station 
  • Enhanced Regional Trail Connectivity between the East Bay Greenway, Sabercat Historical Park, and EBRPD trails in the Fremont Hills
  • Improved Safety for Irvington District residents, employees, and students 
  • Supports California’s Environmental Goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions


A paleontological museum is proposed as a standalone project integrated into the I-680 Sabercat Bridge & Trail. The proposed Museum would be built between I-680 and Osgood Road and will highlight the paleontological importance of the Irvington District and the Bell Quarry area.


The current scope of work based on available funding is to complete preliminary engineering design; secure environmental clearance for the project; and final design.

The project is generally divided into the following segments:

  1. Blacow Road to Osgood Road and UPRR/BART Underpass or Overhead
  2. Osgood Road to West Landing of the I-680 Overcrossing
  3. I-680 Overcrossing to Sabercat Historic Park and Trail
  4. Environmental Clearance Only - North Segment Trail and Bridge to Irvington BART Station 
  5. Environmental Clearance Only – Future Paleontological Museum

The City has retained T.Y. Lin International to assist the City with the current scope of work.


The project is currently in the environmental clearance phase, scheduled to be completed in Spring/Summer 2021.  


The project is being funded by the State Natural Resources Agency. 


If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact:

Rajeev Batra Jeanne Suyeishi  ph: 510-494-4728

If you would like to receive updates on this project, please sign up for our Sabercat Bicycle/Pedestrian Trail, Museum & I-680 Overcrossing Email List 




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